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The Highly Sexual Woman

She underappreciated.

She is told she is easy. Because she has sex “too soon”.

When she is in fact, not easy.

She is fierce.

When in fact, she is unafraid to be naked with someone she admires.

When a woman goes deep with you in the bedroom on the first night, this tells you she will go deep with you in love.

Where there is passion there is love.

A highly sexual woman isn’t someone to fear, or shame or shy away from.

She is the kind of woman who would go to war for you, her family and herself.

This is the kind of woman who knows her power.

She has things to say and those things are straight from her heart.

Which are not easy to say.

Have you made love to a highly sexual woman?

Then you know she gives her all and feels it all very deeply.

Yet, they say she is easy.  Because she enjoys sex and is liberated by her womanly powers.

No, you are easy. Easy to run. Easy to shun.


Because you sense her depth. Her love. What she bestows in her soul.

You know that she doesn’t play on the shallow ends.

You knew the moment you locked eyes.

She touches you with her whole self; she is vocal and wants you to know how good you have made her feel.

And that. Scares you.

You fear this woman. So you find the next safest outlet and you stay with safety.

Because safe, doesn’t see right through you. But guess what? Safe, is easy.

That is not how highly sexual woman work. We want passion. We want vulnerability.

And that is scary.

See, sex is the closest you will be with your chosen partner.

When two people are fucking, they are connected on all levels. There is Oxycontin being released between you both. Serotonin levels raising the roof. Orgasms causing explosions within the body and all throughout your space and auras.

This kind of woman wants a real and true connection. She craves that. She needs it.

And she will have it.

That is, until she meets the one who will meet her at her depth.

She can say yes and she can say no. But she would rather say yes to connecting to your energy and how you make love to her.

And how you touch her and honour her. We want to know if you’ll make us cum.

If that’s easy, then I am sorry sir, I do not want to be hard.

Not with you.

If a woman can give her all to you in the bedroom, you bet she will love with the whole of her heart in a partnership.

Isn’t that the kind of woman that you deserve? Someone to love you and see you and thrust you with soul and heart.

It boggles my mind that there are men who choose women who are safe to satisfy their tribal vows such as parents. And won’t bring a beautiful and sexy woman home who has intense sexual energy because they feel it will be “too much” for everyone else.

Well, mother fucker, you’re wrong. This is the kind of woman that could hold space for your whole entire family. Do you even know what holding space is?

It’s holding a space of love and honouring. Women of safety are afraid of this. Women of great depth and honing of their sexuality and power can do this with ease.

Stop being afraid of this woman. For she does not know any other way to be; then to be passionate and raw. She will move in a way that will question your sanity.

She is quiet at times but her energy remains. She can be an introvert or an extrovert. An introverted highly sexual woman will blush a lot and be timid in expressing herself at first. While an extroverted highly sexual woman will be a strong force from the beginning.

A woman who loves sex on a deep level is the kind of woman who will love you on a deep level.

She wants to go deep with you.

The woman who owns her sexuality is the kind of woman you stay with. You hold hands with. You show off too. You travel with. You make magic with.

She is the kind of woman that you want your mother to know, for she will feel safe knowing her little boy is being truly loved.

Because being truly loved is really hard to come by these days.

If you were to be with a woman of safety, you are risking your happiness.

For a highly sexual woman is also very much creating her life and wants you to do the same.

People of safety aren’t living out their dreams but just going with the day to day.

Interdependence is important to this woman for she needs time to recharge and to do her own thing. For a woman who is in this power also prides herself in honouring herself by doing what she loves.

Make no mistake because at the end of the day, she will need you. A woman of safety might not say that to please you or pretend as though she doesn’t need anybody but a highly sexual woman does. She needs you to caress her and touch her and hold her and bring her in close. To touch lips. To slip your hands down her pants to grab her bum or slightly rub her clit for a tease.

Do that, because that also inspires her. And an inspired woman, is a woman on fire.

And a woman on fire will rock your world not only in the bedroom but in your life together.

This is the kind of woman you should stop being so afraid of and running from because she is not here to scare you. She is here to awaken you to great love. The love, within yourself.

The love that you deserve, and also that you are afraid to receive.

Because you’ve heard that receiving love is not natural and it is unsafe to be vulnerable.

The highly sexual woman is vulnerable at all times. She is authentic and real. And she wants to know who you are and she wants to honour that.

She can only be who she is when she is honoured. A conscious woman knows this and a conscious man honours that.

Sex is the energy of love. It is the euphoric feeling of togetherness. It brings two souls together on a grand scale. The deeper the sex, the deeper the love. The better the love, the better the orgasms.

I am a force to be reckoned with. My love is felt and that is what scares men.

Some I don’t care for, but some I smell their fear which I can not control nor do I want to.

But maybe instead, men, you could unravel your fears and look at them in the face and decide to choose love. Choose someone who you decided to embrace your energy with.

Instead of thinking someone more safe will come along.

What is waiting anyway? What do we wait for? I feel that the real reason men pull away is fear; fear that they were vulnerable, fear they showed their naked selves, fear they may have been seen, and heard and felt on a level they aren’t ready to be.

Fear of what this woman might have in her heart and how it might run rampet and god forbid he be loved with a woman’s whole heart. That is too much, too scary.

So he will choose safe, and someone who doesn’t own her power as a goddess.

Fellas, maybe what you are afraid of is exactly what you need.

And if you are not ready, fine. We won’t make you do anything. Nor will we wait.

We do love sex but we do not love being used in the name of selfishness.

Maybe, instead, look into fear before you call her again.

Decide what your intentions are.

These women know your intentions and we know exactly what you feel.

We aren’t going to force, we aren’t going to play games and we aren’t going to be there when it is convenient for you.

Let’s stop fear in her tracks and open our hearts a tad. Open your heart to her.

When we open our hearts, it makes it easier for others to open theirs.

So make love to this woman. To her heart, to her soul and to her whole self.

Touch her with your hands all over her, and don’t stop. Don’t stop. And don’t leave.

But don’t you dare, touch her with the intentions of not treating her with respect and love. Don’t you dare touch her with your whole self and then back away. Don’t you dare awaken love within her and pull her in with your charm with no intentions to truly love and only to fill your dark voids. That is a cowards job. Stay away from these women if your intentions are just for the release of your sperm. Don’t you know by now this hurts a woman’s soul? Stop doing this to women. Stop acting as if it is okay. It is not okay. Stop pretending you love her, when you only love the thrill. Don’t waste our time. Don’t hurt our yoni’s. Our yoni’s are connected to our heart. These women are awakened and can smell you a mile away. We have seen it all. And we are done allowing that and playing those games. It is a disgraceful game. A selfish and cowards game. Find love within yourself first before you touch a woman of this caliber. For if you think women are crazy, this woman will show you crazy for treating her with such disregard. These women are loud in bed and loud in life. Mine as well go in with good intentions or don’t go in at all. If you aren’t in to make her feel the most pleasure she has ever experienced, then please leave us be. You’ve underestimated us and underappreciated us and the time is now to stop the abuse. It is time to take responsibility for your actions and stop blaming it on women “being easy”. 

A highly sexual woman is a force to be reckoned with.

She is to be honoured.

For this world needs more woman like her. She loves with great depth. And you can feel it, you can feel her, when she is feeling you. And scratching your back and kissing your ears.

If that scares you then go.

But if you are brave and kind, stay.

You will be glad you did.

Deep and loving sexual experiences awaken us.

Cum, be with her. Love is not to be ignored. Love is to be ravished by the ocean waves of our hearts. It’s to be taken gently into the beds of our souls. It’s to rip our barriers off our bodies and thrusting the blocks off our hearts. It’s the time to go deep. Deep into what feels good and right. If we are to feel scared, then so be it, but let us be brave and face those fears so that we may discover exactly what our soul knows we need.

In the arms of a highly loving and connected woman.

Gabi xo







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