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Surrendering To Gratitude.

Thank you to those who have triggered me into hard emotions. You know, feeling pissed off, angry, hurt, powerless and knocked down. These feelings that we don’t have to hold on to. It our choice to hold on to them or to let go. To stay in them and keep the blame and the stories rolling. Or to let go and stand in our truth and say that this is not how I want to feel. And we ask for forgiveness and to be lifted by the light. We take action on how we want to feel, for it is up to ourselves to be in that vibration of love.

Thank you for reminding me of my higher consciousness. And my Divine ability to rise above and to own it and to remember that I am powerFULL. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to raise my game and go towards the light.

Thank you for all who have hurt me, you’ve only inspired me to step into my greatness.

Thank you for those who have inflicted great pain and trauma on me, you’ve propelled me into being a brighter light to shine onto others. And for allowing me the privilege for healing those wounds and other hidden ones so that I am able to be a healer for others.

I am free of trauma. I am free of any pain from the past. I am free of the ones who are hurtful time and again. I am free because I choose to be free. I am free because I have done the work, acted on healing. And I am free because I am a conscious and self aware woman.

I am a dream. I am the present. I am the future. I am it all. And I own it all. I am the reason for my unhappiness. And I am the reason I am truly happy on the inside. I am responsible for my actions and my choices of the past, present and future.

I am successful in whatever my heart calls for. I am successful because I am a good human being. I am successful because I choose love. I am successful because I do not allow others projections and wounded selves to destroy me any longer. I am successful because I am strong. I am successful because I say so.

I once manipulated people with love. I showed too much love and didn’t receive love. Yet gave some more love, thinking that would save the person, or situation. I thought that they would see their worth and also mine.

Manipulating others with love isn’t the worst kind of manipulation but it is the most draining.

I will not allow myself to give and give when I do not receive a damn thing.

Being in my feminine means I allow myself to receive love and to be loved and to be honoured as who I am.

Thank you to the men and women who did not honour me in all of my essence, and instead judged me based on their perceptions, their fears, their envy and their issues.

Thank you for giving me the gift of not giving a fuck what others think. And if I do care what you think it is because I love and honour you. And you, me.

Thank you to those that show lack of care and consideration, you have taught me to be careful of who I let into my heart and soul.

You have taught me to honour myself. To express boundaries. To stand up for my truth.

To be bold in the face of adversity.

People teach us. Daily.

Our children teach us, daily.

Thank you to my little girl, who came into my life. Surprising me with your amazing presence. Thank you for triggering me. For you guide me to be more present and emotionally strong.

Thank you for being a representation of me, for I see your strength and courage and affection and big empathetic heart. And I see that I have done something profound and great in this world.

Maybe I won’t change the world, but knowing my daughter is leading the way and learning about love through me as her parent, that is all I need to leave this world feeling complete.

Thank you to that destructive love, that did not destroy my soul, but emancipated me to awaken and become all that I am becoming. And that is someone noble and fierce in creating what I truly desire.

Thank you to that perfect love, where I lost myself. Where we loose ourselves, we eventually find ourselves. This was the beginning of my spiritual awakening. And for that, I will be forever grateful for that experience. Wounds became unbearable and I had to transform, transcend and heal. And I did. And am. And will continue to.

Thank you to those that did not appreciate me, and did not see me, nor heard me, nor took the time to know me. For you made me realize I am worthy of knowing, being heard, and being seen.

You are the ones who have given me reason to love myself, honour myself, express myself for respect of self, and to be who I am in my essence.

Thank you to my Mother who could not mother me. Who could not love me the way I needed. For you are the reason I am the best damn Mother to my sweet child.

Thank you for those people whom see that I am having a hard time and instead of judging me and shaming me, they help me.

I fucking honour you.

Thank you for those that have shamed me, for you are the reason I choose wisely of who I spend my time with.  Thank you for those who had no compassion, you’ve taught me to have a great deal of compassion.

I have shared my empathetic heart and compassionate soul with those that took advantage of me.

And with that, I have learned to listen to and follow my intuition.
Although this may continue to happen, because it seems the weak prey on the strong. And the dark and very wounded seek the bright lights of this world without care of how they use their energy.  Although, I will rise. I will find forgiveness. I will find compassion. Even in the depth of my rage and hurt. I will not stay down. I will evolve.

I will surrender to what is being presented to me and I will see the truth.
And I will choose. I will choose, me. And what I want. And what I desire. And what is best for myself and my daughter.
I will find gratitude. I will work hard at gratitude being what I need the most to get me through. I will hear the messages of the Divine of what I need to know and learn so that I may grow and be.

It is all within our reach. We must do what we need to do, to stay on the path of integrity, grace and love and harmony.
It is all a matter of choice.
To anyone who has had a great impact on me, I bow in gratitude for your presence and lessons.
With Love,
Gabriella xo

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