Deep Truth · Healing · relationship to self

Reality Vs. What you’re made of.

The reality of life can hit us. Hard. Like smack us in the face.

Shit can hit the fan. Things can get tough. Not fun. It feels like you step 5 steps forward and then you’re 10 steps back.

This is where the work is.

This is where we reach out to others; you’ll be surprised at who cares about you.

Where we speak our truth. SHINE our light. Where we don’t sit around and stew about shit.

We get up and we do something about it. We make changes. We rise above our circumstances.

Life has been turbulent for me over this last year and a half. It seemed like one thing after another.

Not gunna lie – WTF.

BUT. I am the light at the end of the tunnel.

It is my light that has brought me to be in a good place spiritually.

It is my light and my TRUTH that held me and my daughter together.

I am in the best place spiritually, a place that I have always wanted to be in; my gifts as a spiritual healer, teacher and woman are FLOWING out of me and I am LISTENING to the voice of spirit.

I may not be where I want to be financially, but if my soul is participating in what I am meant to be doing, then it will all fall into place. And it is.

It’s going to be okay.

No matter what, you have to know, you’ll be okay.

Trust that.

Trust your pain, and listen to its wisdom. For it wants you to rise. Not fall.

This pain, wants you to awaken. To your light within. To see the truth of the world. And of yourself.

It wants you to understand yourself better. Deeper. To know why you got to this place.

You can blame others for their actions. But really, why and how did you give them the opportunity?. Where did you forget to listen to the guidance? Your intuition surely was telling you.

What is really going on with YOU. Do you need to take a leap of faith? What healing needs to be taken place, and what needs to be let go of within and without? What’s being called to you?

Do you need to surrender?

Do you need to feel something, so that it can be felt and done with?

What do you fear? Where are you trying to control?


There is gratitude to be found, in it all. Gratitude for the lessons. The pain. The people who show you who they really are.

I have SO much to be grateful for. Those that hold me up. Mostly, my little girl, who is my world. My heart. My everything. My why. My reason. The one who emancipated me to grow and emerge.

What is your why. What is your reason. What is getting you out of bed. What mother fuckers need to see what you’re made of? Figure it out. We are waiting.

So in the words of Ben Howard – Keep your head up and your heart strong.

And that I will.


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