Deep Truth · Healing

Make love to yourself. Be Healed.

There is great healing power when you make love to yourself. I was having a sad and emotionally painful morning until I immersed myself into pleasure for most of the day. Orgasm after orgasm. Sexual healing at it’s finest. Me, taking care of me. Me helping my body to release the pain. To release the stuck energy. I did that. Me and my hands. I got to know my body on a whole new level today. And my god, do I feel liberated and free. I feel like I have lifted a huge lump of energy out of my system and into the Divine to be transcended. I cancelled my plans to “do things I needed to do”. And instead listened to the guidance to stay home and heal.

I fucking healed myself today. By fucking, myself.

I know myself to be a sexually empowered woman. I know myself to have a high sex drive. I crave sex every single day. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about a man’s touch and the intense and passionate feeling of pleasure between two bodies and souls.

Sex is healing.

Sex is liberating. 

Knowing our bodies and how to pleasure ourselves is freeing. It has given me confidence as a woman and the ability to feel good in who I am and what I can accomplish.

Masturbation isn’t gross. It’s fucking incredible. I ask you to spend the afternoon, or all day,  touching yourself, feeling every part of your body, and telling your body how much you love it. Every. Single. Part of you. Every part of us is beautiful. It is only the body parts we see, but when you close your eyes you will feel your soul, and your body together. That is bliss. That is healing. To know you can accomplish what you want to accomplish. That G-spot orgasm. Multiple orgasms. Knowing you can do that, without anyone else’s help; it will emancipate you.

You will step into your highest self. When a woman (or man) knows herself, that is when awakenings occur. That is when our greatness shines. That is when we truly feel unafraid to be seen. Because we have seen ourselves, first. We have learned to love ourselves, first.

And we are good enough. We are loved. We are deserving.

Have you ever felt motivated and inspired and creative after amazing sex? I have. Each time leads me to write something profound.

Imagine having the best sex with yourself and then imagine taking that experience and bringing that energy and experience into a relationship with someone else. The sex. The love making. Would blow your mother fucking mind.

I have found myself, again, on a powerful level. It’s as if I had died this morning and was resurrected this afternoon. To the the next man who enters into my world, his world will be rocked to the core when I decide to surrender to his delicious and sexual mind, body and soul.

As a single woman, knowing I can give myself deep and real pleasure with the power of my healing hands, inspires me. My standards for myself have risen. The men I want, will be on the level of expansion and liberation and motivation to be the best version of themselves when it comes to sex. And life, for that matter. If you don’t want to take me to paradise, because that is where I want to be when we are fucking, then I don’t want you to touch my naked soul.

I want to be taken to a higher level of consciousness after sweaty sexual pleasure. After I get myself off five times in a row. I want to know the lessons of the pain I had felt. I want to feel every single emotion and let it out. I want to release the negative and let in the positive. I want to scream God’s name. Over and Over.

I still have energy flowing through me five hours later. The energy wants more pleasure. Wants to go to higher depths within myself. For now, this energy is being used for creating this blog.

I want to call him. You know, the one who would be there to fuck. And at the same time, does he deserve me? He doesn’t. Do I want to bring his energy into my new energy field? I don’t.

I crave connection and touching and love.

So I will do that for myself, once again, tonight. I will make love to myself. 

Because I can. Because it’s healing. Because it makes me feel so good I could cry. Because I feel the love for myself flow through me; knowing I am good enough to do whatever it takes and how ever long it takes for me to climax.

The longer I sit with this sexual energy flowing through me, the deeper my orgasms will be. I couldn’t let it sit for days. You know, that feeling of being horny. You feel so horny, you don’t know what to do with yourself. It’s not a good feeling to be in. That is when I feel out of control and make decisions not based on my highest good. I call guys I shouldn’t. I feel emotional. I try to suppress it with exercise or food or work. I get depressed. The energy of horniess needs to be released.

So release it. With yourself. Or with someone you trust and treats you with love and respect.

Sex, it’s sacred. We really shouldn’t be sharing it with just anyone. It should be the cherry on top. But don’t allow that to stop you from making passionate love with someone who you aren’t committed to, once in a while.

We all need and deserve touch, love, and pleasure. To feel whole, complete and anew. It helps to release tension, stress, depression, fatigue, and stagnant energy.

Our sexual energy is very detectable. If we are a highly sexual person, it is known. If you need to fuck yourself daily, do it. If you need to have an orgasm and your boyfriend or girlfriend isn’t at your level of sexual energy, then go to your own space and release it.

Letting it sit there causes us pain. And if we are already in pain, why not bring yourself to the highest heights to transcend it. The height of being one with the Divine. Where life is created. Get acquainted with your Sacral Chakra. Our emotions and sexuality are very connected here.

That is why my emotional pain was healed by sexually healing myself. The correlation between emotions and sexuality are very close. They go hand in hand. They are both very intimate and vulnerable. They both need to be seen, heard and felt. 

Healing isn’t just found in therapy. Sometimes it’s sitting with yourself, touching and loving yourself. Rubbing your fingers against your g-spot and making yourself shiver and quiver all the darkness out of your body, so that the light may enter you once again.

And that is what is healing is all about; letting in the light. Facing and overcoming your fears.

Dear God, thank you. Thank you.

You have the ability to heal your self. Heal your emotions. Let it go. You deserve to feel happy, free and liberated.

So go. Go heal yourself.


Me xo



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