Deep Truth

Amongst the judgements, there is you.

You do not call a spade just a spade.

Underneath that spade is a whole white piece of paper; a significant card. A card we utilize for the enjoyment of life. The time and effort it took to create that spade should be considered. The fact that it contributes to our happiness should be recognized. The whole card itself had love put into it, to be created into the card it is today. It was created somehow. It was manifested somehow. Do you have any idea how long it took to perFECT that spade? I am going to guess you have not one clue (unless you manufacture the cards, you probably do know; or maybe you know and thus please feel free to get all fucking logical here… or don’t). That spade might look a certain way to you, but that spade is so much more; if only you took the time to sit with it and understand it and see it. It didn’t just appear and say, I’m spade and that is it. Ask yourself, why do I not see the depth of it. Are you just so focused on labelling what you see and following the group mentality? Because what you see, is not what you get. Look around that spade; there are many others. Not to mention a whole card that carries the spade; holding it in its place. Everything around it has contributed to the spade. In that card is a story, a past, a background, a future. There is depth. To label it just a spade is ignorance. It is black, or it is red. There is beauty in the black; the black spade perfectly sitting on the white card surrounded by other spades; being comforted and supported by others and yet standing strong by itself. I see strength. There is passion in that red spade; it might seem angry and rough, but that spade is a brimming, passionate and happy soul. That spade has seen the darkness and now is holding itself up and ready to take on the world. The spade is here to bring joy and fullfullment and to live out a purpose. Don’t be so afraid to see it that way. Don’t be so surface level and not give a fuck about how it came to be, and what the spade really represents as a whole.

Do you not see that there is more to people than meets the eye? Than what you hear. Than the stories. Do you know people are afraid to show their true selves. We are all afraid of being vulnerable; afraid to be seen; to say what we really want to say; to be who we really are. Because of the world placing extreme judgements. We all do it; but could we simmer down on that maybe? And find a new approach?

There is a way…

It’s time to UNDERSTAND the depth of a person. We need to stop being so focused on labelling and hearing what they say, and listening to the words of others, and not from the words of the person you have wasted your precious time to call whatever it is that the group has labelled for you. Or the judgment you have placed. Why are you wasting your time? Why don’t you focus on your own growth. Where is your voice? I am speaking up for these spades because I have had it with society and saying that spades are just spades; and people are this and that and that is it.

I’ve labelled people for my own satisfaction. Recently even. But, I SEE clearly why these people have done what they have done. No one is really out to hurt me, they are just suffering and don’t see their own wounds and suffering and how it is playing out and how what they are doing is a deep reflection of their fears and wounds… and suffering. And unconsciousness. And I can not save them or make ANYONE see. I can’t make them see me in my true essence. It’s funny, they label me, and I play up their judgments. I in some way don’t think these people deserve me at all, in my true essence. So I give em what they see.

Do you comprehend that?

We act a certain way; we are always hearing judgements around us, whether consciously or unconsciously. And quite frankly, telepathically. We either say no, or yes to it. We either choose fear or we choose love. Love for self or love for others.

We hear it, and we say; you see crazy; I’ll show you crazy. But we really aren’t that. We just think we need to act that way to prove a point. But underneath that is great fear; fear of being a loving being and a person of connecteness. Instead of, I’ll show you crazy – How about, I will show you fearlessness. I’ll show you what I am made of. Not for you. Not for anyone. But because this is who I really am. And anyone who doesn’t like it;that’s just fine. Let them all fade away.

The truth will prevail was said because you have been who you REALLY are, and done what you felt in your heart and soul is right, and that truth prevails over the false perceptions that others have set on you. You see?

But sometimes truth does not prevail because we get caught up in the madness; and we choose fear and not love. Even though there is truth your life, and you are an amazing person, it can not possibly be seen, if you do not take action on your purpose and act from a place of LOVE.

Take that into consideration in your life.

There is truth in the madness. Just don’t let the maddness make you mad. Let it inspire you to be you’re fucking amazing self.

Get up on your ass and speak your truth. If someone has something to say about it; oh well. Life will go on. Use your own damn voice. Stop being so influenced by others and hear what YOU need to say and do, and say and do that. There are going to be people around us, telling us how to be, where to go, what we “should” do. And the only person we “should” really listen to, is ourselves.

People label people because it makes us feel better about their actions and we then victimize ourselves. It’s an easy thing to do. It’s not as if we want to be the victim. It’s that we have created ourselves to be – because of stories we have created and by allowing the judgements of others to dictate us and also, make us mad. And these labels we set on others is passed on; we call that mother fucking gossip. That gossip, is a story – a story of who a person is based on what you have perceived. Perception is a tricky thing. You see a spade, and you think it’s JUST a spade. And you think that because the group mentality has confirmed that it is just a spade. You don’t even question it.

You’re just like oh, they said it is, so it must be so.

Look at it a little deeper, lovers. Step outside of the box of influence and think for your damn self. If a group of people don’t like someone, then you decide you don’t like that someone because of group mentality. Well, you aren’t thinking for yourself (high school, anyone?…And it is still acted upon as adults).

Up until high school I befriended the “losers”, because I felt this innate feeling of wanting others to feel like they mattered (a reflection of my world of not feeling like I mattered). In middle school, again I became friends with those that no one really thought foundly of. However I made other friends and became not so friendly with those people, due to the fact I wanted to be fucking cool. I always felt like an outcast of the cool kids though. I shoulda hung out with the “not cool kids”; I probably wouldn’t have suffered so much.

There is a group mentality that we have to consider in regards to seeing people for who they are.

Sometimes we fall into the trap of listening to the judgements of others and we play them out. That spade could just be a spade for you. It could play it out, because it fears you are right. It fears that maybe “that’s all I am”. But what the spade doesnt see is that it’s acting from a place of fear. Fear of being seen, and of making the others wrong. And I say, who gives a fuck. Make them wrong. Be the light. Some people are blinded by the light, and others walk right into it with a happy beaming face. Choose, your judgements. Don’t choose, theirs.

The magic does not lie in changing the perception in how others see us,

it lies in how we see ourselves and how we actually act and be who we are from the depth of our souls. If someone thinks you’re a slut, and you act that out – you’re all like “well, that’s what they say so I’m gunna show em what I am made of”. No darling, that is not what you are made of. What you are made of is stardust and fucking sprinkles of sparkles. Clearly, you’re sacral chakra needs healing. And that is okay. Don’t fucking judge yourself. Or anyone. What you are made of is what you say you are made of. So figure that out. And listen to the nudges of your HEART AND SOUL. Don’t worry about what they will think. If your ideas and heart callings are outrageous – good. Do it. Show em what you are really, truly, utterly, made of.

Cause if you don’t you’ll always be called a spade. You need to prove to YOURSELF, first, and foremost what you can accomplish and who you are. And the world will adjust. They will see. And be inspired.

The fact is, we only fear what’s underneath the spade. We are afraid to say, “hey, what’s underneath you, and how did you come to be? I wanna know”.

And since everyone’s all, a spade is a spade – we conform. Yes, friends, it’s time to stop conforming.

Above all, there will always be this issue of judgement but it is not our job to change it. The JUICINESS of this message is to remind you to not believe anyone. And to, instead, follow your PATH. Your soul. Your heart. Your calling. Your purpose. Your life. Your love. Your ideas. Your mission. Without, the approval and or validation of anyone. Believe yourself. And trust, yourself.

So, yeah, call a spade a spade. But know that, when you do, it’s a reflection of yourself. There is so much more to others then that. And you fucking know it.

Choose to love yourself; that means be who you were meant to be before the world told you who you were.

I know that it is hard to hear people see you a certain way, because they don’t know what you have been through. What you’ve seen. What experiences you’ve experienced. They don’t know. And it hurts.

But guess what, the only thing matters is you not allowing any of that bullshit to influence how you work and be in this lifetime. Let it inspire you to get up, show up and be fucking incredibly fearless in your pursuit of what you came here to do.

Do no harm, but take no shit. Take no shit, but be considerate. Be considerate but honour thyself.

Honour yourself in the utmost highest regard. Forget. Forgive. Let go. Release.

And be fearlessly your own Goddess and God beautiful self.

You know what you came here to be and do. Don’t allow anyone’s voice to detour you.

You’re not just a spade. You are so much more. And you fucking know it.

So be that.

And while we are all at it: Get over yourself. Me included – Stop the stories and start the journey.


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