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Know Who you are. Despite What they think of you.

Knowing who you are; believing in your essence, in a world where people are always perceiving you in their own way, is the strongest thing you could do. It’s the wisest way to be happy. And it’ll be helpful in letting go and not engaging in any gossip, attacks from others, or conflicts.

Know that people will do things because of their own issues, their own wounds, and their own suffering.

I recently was attacked and perceived as someone I am not. I mean this person went above and beyond to prove to the world who she thinks I am and what I am about.

And 3 years ago, I would have proved her wrong. And I would have given her a dose of her own medicine in the most revengeful way possible. How dare she talk of me that way, I’d say. I did say one thing, to be honest, but I said that one thing and didn’t continue engaging after words. Why? Because what was said, was humiliating. And I needed her to know just that one thing. I have blocked her and not gone back to see her comments.

This person is suffering deeply.

And honestly, I could have walked away saying nothing. I know who I am, and I am not going to prove myself to this person, nor to the world, nor to anyone.

The ones who truly love me and know me, know who I am. And most importantly, I know who I am.

How I see myself is what will carry me through.

Know how things will unfold.

When we are striving to be a loving person, avoiding the drama is our best option.

Send them love.

I know this person is deeply hurt by someone else and is taking it out on me. I am not going to waste my precious time trying to convince someone that I am not to blame for her issues.

I know where I went wrong, and I take responsibility for that. I know I shouldn’t have gotten involved in the first place, but I guess I needed to learn a lesson.

I take responsibility in my role in this situation; in fact I dealing with anger towards myself with choosing to put myself in this mess; I wanted the outcome to turn a different route, in a loving way. Sadly, I was dealing with very wounded souls. As an empath, I wanted to be a savior. I wanted to be the one to change someones life.

We can not save anyone from their misery.

I know this. People had tried to save me for years prior to my spiritual awakening – I had to awaken myself. I had to save myself. And I continue to do so, daily.

I have come a long way from being in constant conflict. I won’t engage anymore.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Silence is golden.

Maybe by letting go of what others think, we ignore it and look deeply at ourselves and change what we need to and see where we went wrong, and learn from the mistake of bringing drama into our lives.

It is absolutely useless to argue about who is right and who is to blame. When that arises, it’s time to look within. It’s time to understand ourselves and why we do what we do, or choose what we did. And also, see the other person from a wounded perspective. And instead of extending anger, extend forgiveness and love. I know it’s not easy but it is worth it.

Instead visualize their light and your light. Visualize loving thoughts towards yourself and anyone who sees you for what you are not.

And also, practice being who you are. Practice silence in any moment someone projects their shit on to you. Practice not engaging in someone else’s wounding. Practice not responding to someone who says you are this and that. Don’t even prove yourself. You’ll never get through to anyone who sees you from their perspective.

And it doesn’t matter because, your perspective is what matters.

How do you see yourself? Be that person.

Love yourself deeply by not giving in to someone else’s drama filled life.

You didn’t come this far to entertain people who haven’t taken time to heal themselves.

These people who don’t even care to know who they are, and have nothing better to do then try to prove who you are.

I felt like I was back in high school. Where there were made up stories about me. I had a guy make up a story about me and was humiliated by the whole school; I was called names throughout because of his lie and betrayal. I walked tall nonetheless. I cried in the dark. But I kept being me. I let them believe what they wanted. And when I was alone, I would grieve. And years later, he apologized and so did another girl who teased me in front of many people. It is something I won’t ever forget. And here I am being humiliated in front of the world; a story of lies, utter manipulation and deceit, and projected wounding.

I asked for this, from the universe so I could learn. Learn what it means to be an evolved woman. A woman who loves herself enough to not engage. A woman who loves people who don’t love her. A woman who sees the wounds instead of the rage. A woman who understands why someone would project saddness onto her, instead of seeing someone who wants to be mean. None of her words had to do with me. In fact, it was something that should have all be directed at her ex. And mine. Our ex, who manipulated and emotionally abused us both.

The decision to rise above his mess, and her hurt and pain and not try to “fix it” or “prove myself”, is what feels good to me. If I had responded with anger, I would have felt terrible, and ugly and worthless.

I am a in a space where I can send her love. And him. And also myself.

When we end up in a mess, take responsibility. See the mistakes, the decisions and how it all became. And direct yourself to make better choices.

I let go of it all. I decided to not engage like I was an unevolved woman. I decided to listen to spirit and move forward without responding to someones pain. Because other peoples pain, have nothing to do with us.

I have apologized where I should. I have been sorry. And maybe too sorry.

Have I received an apology from him, or from her? No. And I never will.

This is what I know to be true.

So know what you know to be true.

Know yourself. BElieve in who you are. Love yourself hard. Take responsibility.

And move forward, and towards the light.

Be the light. Be love. Send love.

Like they say, keep calm and carry on!

Be better. Rise above. Reflect.

In the end, it’s not about winning battles it’s about the love.

How much did we love. How deep did we love. And how vast could we love in the face of conflict?

This is how conflict gets out of hand; we choose hatred and bashing instead of stepping back to take responsibility for the matter. People choose to blame and victimize themselves instead of taking time to reflect, forgive and rise above it with some dignity.

Choose dignity or destructive behavior.

Choose fear or love.

We have choices. Choose wisely.

Lets know who we are, and walk away with strength, and believe in our worthiness. Despite what others are saying.

Be who you are. BE who you are.

You are made of love. So be that. Heal your shit. And be who you are.

We are waiting.

Thanks for listening.

P.S. The Four Agreements card I pulled today was this: 

See other people as they are:
When you see other people as they are without taking it personally, you can never be hurt by what they say or do. Even if they lie to you, it is okay. they are lying to you because they are afraid you will discover that they are not perfect. 

And that’s the truth isn’t it? We are not perfect.

We can only practice being honest and good people. How about we do that?


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